General Terms of Use Park Pass

1. These General Terms of Use apply to the agreement to purchase the Park Pass as well as the use of the Park Pass. These General Terms of Use

  • can be consulted, obtained and downloaded prior to the purchase;
  • can be consulted on the website and can be downloaded for easy access;
  • can be accessed at and obtained from the reception at Landal Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen (hereinafter: the 'Park');
  • will be sent to you free of charge electronically or via another carrier upon request.

2. The Park Pass can only be purchased by a person who will reside as a guest in accordance with a booking for a holiday home in the Park (hereinafter: the ‘Guest').

3. The Park Pass can be purchased simultaneously with the booking for the stay at the Park (and can be retrieved from the reception of the Park upon the start of the stay) or can be purchased at the reception of the Park during the stay in the Park. 

You can buy a Park Pass for only € 5,00 per person. 

4. The validity of the Park Pass equals the dates on which the Guest should reside at the Park in accordance with the booking. 

5. The website lists the organizations for which the Park Pass can be used (the ‘Partners’) and which discounts the Partners offer.

6. Only upon showing the Park Pass and during the validity period of the Park Pass can it be used for the discounts offered by the Partners.

7. The Park Pass is non-transferable. This means that a Guest can only use his/her Park Pass for themselves and may not sell, transfer or make the Park Pass available for use to another person. 

8. The Park Pass expires if the information stated on the Park Pass has been rendered unreadable or if it has been changed.

9. The Guest who loses his/her Park Pass can purchase a new Park Pass at the reception of the Park.

10. GREEN Reeuwijkse Hout B.V. nor the Park nor Landal GreenParks nor any company that is part of the Landal group is liable for any direct or indirect damage for the user of a Park Pass resulting from the full or partial provision of the discount offered by the Partners.

11. The answers to the frequently asked questions with regards to the Park Pass are listed on the website. See Should you have any other question, please contact the reception of Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen (also reachable by phone at 0182 235 110) or you can ask your question per e-mail at the e-mail address

12. Dutch law applies to the agreement to purchase the Park Pass and these General Terms of Use.