Make the most of your Parkpas and enjoy in the region!

The Parkpas offers you the opportunity to explore the region in a very special way. Discover the restaurants & bars, attractions, museums, local products, attractions and the varied range of shops in the region. Various regional entrepreneurs and initiatives offer you a nice discount!

For example, combine a museum visit with a visit to a restaurant or bar in the area. You can compose your day just the way you like it, with discounts!

The Parkpas

You receive the Parkpas of Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen upon arrival at the reception desk. The Parkpas is attached to the key of your residence. You can show the QR code at participating partners. This makes it easy for you to enjoy the exclusive benefits of the Parkpas for guests of Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen. This benefit starts already at the park with a 10% discount at restaurant Mercatu on the park. The Parkpas is valid for the duration of your stay at Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen.

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On all organizations are mentioned with the promotions they o  er you. Filter the promotions on a desired category such as food and drink, museums or a day out.

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Go out!

Have you made your choice from the many fun promotions? Read in the description whether it is desirable that you make a reservation, for example, and view the opening hours. If you want more information about the trip, check out the organization’s website. Once underway, you recognize the participating organizations by the sticker on the door.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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Bekijk de vele partners en activiteiten waarbij jij op vertoon van de Parkpas een leuke korting ontvangt.

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We have already listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

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